Light Installation


Inspired by Newton’s research on light, the installation can be viewed from multiple perspectives, but fully resolves from a single point.  Interacting with the tower's current architecture,  this anamorphosis reveals the color spectrum of light in a perfect grid.


Spectrum, light installation (polycarbonate tubing, metal, cables, wood, software, LED fixture, 5 m long, 4,8 m wide, 6 m high)

Presented at Electric Castle from 17.07. to 21.07.2019 19.10, Banifly Castle, Bontida, Roumania

Curated by Alexandre Czetwertynski


Concept Design & Art Direction: Olivier Ratsi - Delegate Producer: Crossed Lab / Julien Taïb - Technical Director: Thomas Leblanc - Light Design Support: Joan Giner