visual artist


Set in the darkness, amid a thick cloud of smoke, large black polygons become visible in fits and starts thanks to a lighting device that shines arbitrarily on the works. The viewer is free to walk around this deconstructed space and, in so doing, to become aware of different aspects of the piece, as the mood may take him. A unique vanishing point makes it possible to “reconstruct” the anamorphic work, thanks to a presence-detecting sensor.

The binary scenography of SHAPE troubles the viewer’s perception: sometimes he will make out a whole form but, at others, only a shattered one. 

Shape, site specific installation (computer, software, interactivity, light, wood, black painting, 3 meters high by 4.5 meters wide by 5.3 meters deep)

Presented at the Group Exhibition Vers une Architecture de Lumière, La Chartreuse, from October 18 to November 8, 2015, Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, France

Curated by Julie Miguirditchian


Structure production: Vincent Obadia with Joachim Correia

Software Development: Benoit Simon

Technical director: Emilie Fouilloux


Avec le soutien de Edis pour l'art Numérique