Site-specific Installation

In mathematics, a plane is a flat, two-dimensional surface that extends infinitely far. (wikipedia)


Plane is a site-specific project that challenges our perceptions of space via a light video projected into a room.


Using the technique of anamorphosis, a flat white shape — triangular, rectangular, square or round — is projected into an architectural space and evolves according to a kinetic scenography that follows two operating modes: One focuses on the actual space, as the light moves from wall to wall across the room. The other reveals a floating space, coming from a fictional anamorphic form that evolves horizontally and vertically.

Visible from only one viewpoint, this latter form creates a new layer of space, intangible even from within the actual physical room itself. As our perception of the space is altered, the reverberation of the light projected onto the walls becomes a guide enabling the viewer to find his or her bearings.


Plane #1

The first version of Plane was presented at the Plateforme gallery in Paris as part of its annual “Winter Showcase.”

The viewpoint was placed outside the gallery. When stood in that precise spot, the viewer could see through the gallery window a virtual space materialising in the form of a rectangle. Alongside this first optical illusion, the gallery window also created a mise-en-abyme with the surrounding environment: the viewer could see that the Plane work, made up of heterogenous strokes on the gallery walls, was in fact a virtual tracing of the reflection of the buildings opposite…


Interior/exterior, the space is totally decomposed, setting up in the viewer’s mind not just a sense of doubt but also many layers of interpretation about the nature of objects and the perception that we have of them.

Portfolio: Plane #1

Plane, site specific installation (dual video projection, software, computer, loop 1'18")

Presented at Plateforme, from December 18, 2015 to January 3, 2016, Paris, France

Portfolio: Plane #1

Plane beta version

Portfolio: Plane beta version

Portfolio: Plane beta version