Vanishing Points Exhibition


From December 18, 2019 to March 22, 2020 / Marseille, France

Vanishing Points is a monographic exhibition featuring six pieces dealing with the space perception, including two projects from the Echolyse series as well as the unpublished Parallel Lines. 
Within 1500 m2 of space, Vanishing Points exhibition is conceived as a parallel universe oscillating between real and immaterial architecture.



Vanishing Points est une exposition monographique regroupant six oeuvres traitant de la perception de l'espace, dont deux de la série Echolyse ainsi que l'inédite Parallel Lines. 

Au sein d'un espace de 1500 m2, l'exposition Vanishing Points se conçoit tel un univers parallèle oscillant entre architecture réelle et immatérielle.


Point of view

From October 18  to November 22, 2018 / Almaty, Kazakhstan