Site-specific installation


Anti is an immersive environment in which black and white light shapes oppose each others.

The installations present tangible physical reality, time, space and the immaterial phenomenon of light as elusive and incomprehensible concepts. The artist creates works that focus the viewer’s attention on the perception of space and encourage them to question the reality of what they see. His spatially constructed systems deconstruct the usual reference points of space-time and use the illusory power of light to undermine our confidence in perception.


ANTI is a minimalist light intervention in a familiar space in which the radiant light and its objectless ‘shadow’ running synchronously across the ceiling and floor are difficult to interpret from previous experiences. The dark and bright light appearing between simple geometric elements create the illusion of a new dimension opening up, enhanced by the shadowed image of the rhythmic, undulating, wave-like movement of air – nothingness – heated by the projector bulb.


Barnabás Bencsik



Anti est un environnement immersif où la lumière blanche et noire s'opposent.


ANTI, moving light installation

Presented in Superluminal group show, from September 2023 / LAM (light Art Museum), Budapest, Hungary 


Pictures by Alexandre Réty / Joan Giner 

Concept Design & Art Direction: Olivier Ratsi - Production support: Julien Taïb - Technical Manager: Joan Giner - Supported by La Gaîté Lyrique and Modulo Pi