Site-specific Installation

Fragmented Plane is an augmented fresco that mixes Street Art and digital installation. Realised on a more than 35-meter-long wall, this ephemeral work uses paint — the natural medium of urban art — as well as video-mapping, allowing it to play with the spatial perception of the place. 


Following the principal of mise en abyme, the wall is reproduced virtually, then deconstructed and painted  according to a predefined vanishing point.

When standing in this predefined spot, chosen by the artist, the viewer will be able to see the augmented wall.


Fragmented Plane, site-specific installation (paint, single/multi video projection, sound, loop)

Presented at Festival Internacional de Mapping (FIMA) from November 4 to 12, 2016 / Morelia, Mexico


a project by Olivier Ratsi

Sound design: Thomas Vaquié - Project management and production: Nicolas Boritch - Production: Festival Internacional de Mapping (FIMA) - Project Coordinator: Arianne Rodriguez