visual artist, co-founder of ANTIVJ label

Echolyse project

he Echolyse project considers objective reality, time, space and matter as intangible elements of information and uses these notions through installations that aim to question references to the perception of space.


The visual content - named "peelings"- is created from spatial data from the projection surface, according to the perspective observed by the viewer,from a specific point.


These forms, or "peelings", are projected using a traditional mapping technique through the same projection surface of the installation. 

The whole experience of this project is based on the specific point of view. Once the viewer is positioned on the predetermined point of view, the "peelings" are revealed as anamorphosis that have dematerialized from their projection surface. The simple geometric elements, which at first seemed to be flat, suddenly begin to define a new space.

The illusion of a new dimension within the installation appears under different layers, which seem to leave their physical surface behind them.

This idea was implemented in different forms and formats: Onion Skin, DELTΔ and RCTNGL are the works, which show the project.


Onion Skin

Portfolio : Onion Skin 

he  first  stage  in  the  Echolyse  project,  which  will  also  give  birth  to  other  works,  Onion  Skin  is  made  up  of  a physical  dimension  –  a  module  of  two  walls,  positioned  at  right  angles  –  augmented  by  a  projection  and  a 5.1  sound  broadcast.


Onion Skin is a graphical work about the re-composition of time and space through a game of perspectives, both of the exhibition space itself and that of the projection canvas. Built around a progressive structure, made up of 4 parts lasting 14 minutes in total, the piece plays on the principle of repetition and scale to create a physical and hypnotic experience that opens doors onto the hidden and untouchable.


Onion Skin is augmented by a 5.1 sound broadcast that reinforces this impression of volume and space.

Portfolio : Onion Skin 


Portfolio : DELTΔ

ince ancient times, DELTΔ, the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, has been represented by a triangle pointing upwards. Originating from the equivalent letter of the Phoenician alphabet, it is based on a hieroglyph initially representing a door.


Delta, the second stage in the Echolyse project, is a site specific installation, that explores, through a dematerialised door, the possibility of a fictional three-dimensional space.


Making use of the anamorphosis technique, the piece is based on the position of the spectator,  predetermined by the artist, from which the audience will be able to visually reconstitute the geometrical symbol and discover the “pelures” (peelings) emitting from the very center of its gravity..

Portfolio : DELTΔ


Portfolio RCTNGL